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Mon, Jul 15, 2024
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Consumers in Healthcare - Anne Talbott
Consumers the missing piece.

Hospital Owned Physician Practices - Phillip Macon
How to make a hospital owned physician practice work.

Evaluating Providers - Sandy Canally
Preview a forthcoming publication directed at consumers that will highlight Sandra Canally's "patients first" philosophy in achieving health-care delivery excellence.

E-Marketing, the New, "New" Thing" - Peggy Frank Lyle
What do we need to know about E-Marketing in Healthcare?

Health Care Industry Customer Service Essentials: Tragic Phrases and Magic Phrases - Deborah Lewis

Nurse Practitioner Reimbursement - Susan Cooper
What issues would you like to know on Nurse Practitioners?

eHealthcare and Technology Trends - Rick Krohn
Internet Based Health Care Trends and Technologies.

The Internet and Disease Management - Vince Kuraitis
Will the Internet Advance Disease Management?

Nursing Shortage - Anne Talbott
Are we facing a nursing shortage?

How to Profit Under a PPS? - The Corridor Group
Is your organization dealing with the new PPS?

Payer/Provider Relations - Atlantic Information Services
Our host this week is the managing editor of Managed Care Week published by Atlantic Information Services, Inc. Jill will be hosting regular forums on issues in Managed Care. This week is Managed Care - Payer/Provider Relations.

Next Generation Quality - Bob Luttman
Why should I collect variance data from clinical pathways? Is there a better way to collect variance data? How can I better organize quality improvement efforts? What is the Malcom Baldrige criteria and how it might help my organization? How can I use the routine reports I receive to help me better run my organization? Find out these answers and more from our host.

Building and Maintaining Physician-Hospital Partnerships - Richard Krohn
What strategies create sustainable value in physician-hospital relationships? How can malfunctioning physician-hospital business models be repaired? What are some new trends in physician-hospital partnerships?

Building Online Participation - Vikki Shaw
What does it take to start an online community? How do you create and sustain online participation? What do you need to consider before bringing sponsorship to your community?

Burnout and Wellbeing in Healthcare - Dr. Kernan Manion
Are "Healthcare" and "Well-being" Oxymoronic? Who's to blame for burnout - the individual? the organization? the healthcare environment? How does one make sense of and respond to the turmoil one faces in being a compassionate healthcare provider? Can you find well-being in the midst of a tumultuous career or industry?

Business and Personal Planning for Financial Success - Stephen Hammers
How to allocate investment asset during a volatile market? How to save estate taxes? How to be more tax efficient with "non tax deferred" investment portfolio?

Caring for the Aging - Elaine Blake
What are the unique needs of older patients and how can you best identify them? Are Assisted Living Facilities a passing fad and who will pay or do they have a place in the healthcare infrastructure? Where can you find resources to help your older patients and their families? How should you tailor your assessment for the older patient?

Caring for the Caregiver - Host Patti Moore
What responsibility do health care professionals have to caregivers? When do you allow the caregiver to participate in decisions in the care of the patient? What are some things professionals can do to support caregivers?

Compliance and Enforcement - Andrew Grosso
Is there a downside to submitting a Voluntary Disclosure, and can the benefits be outweighed by the downside? Can the filing of a Voluntary Disclosure prevent a qui tam law suit from being filed, and can a qui tam keep me from submitting a Voluntary Disclosure? Can a qui tam Relator take documents from my company, and what can I do (if anything) to stop him?

End of Life Issues - Kate Payne
Dying is a part of life and the last great mystery which we all share. How we care for those at the end of life speaks volumes about our ethical strengths and weaknesses. Even death represents an opportunity for growth and learning. What is required of organizations to promote best practice in end of life care? What skill set and knowledge is required of direct care providers to improve the dying experience?

Future Trends-End of Life Care - Gretchen Brown & True Ryndes
The American hospice movement is now over 25 years old. What effect has the Medicare Hospice Benefit's 6 month prognosis requirement had on access to care? How is palliative care the same, or different, from hospice care? What new roles might hospices have in our communities over the next 30 years as the over 65 population grows by 70%?

Healthcare Marketing - Michael Ryan, FACHE
What message does your organization send to its customers and community? Marketing the gray area of healthcare.

Hospital Report Cards - Cy Rosenblatt
Do hospital report cards provide useful information to the general consumer? Do consumers use the report cards which are available on the Internet? Is risk adjustment of data useful or is it a smoke screen which providers use to explain why their facility scores poorly? If you knew that a report card revealed that your institution was exceptionally good or exceptionally bad in some key diagnoses, how would you use the information?

Insurance Premium Pricing Structures - Stephen McHugh
What are the trends in healthcare insurance premiums now and in the future? What elements affect insurance premium pricing? What type of insurance plans are attracting employers? What factors should employers consider before entering into employer sponsored health benefit plans? Ask our host - Steve McHugh, CLU, ChFC

International Healthcare - Mary Saadat
Have you ever thought you just wanted to pack your bags and move to another country? One healthcare exec did just that! Find out what she has learned and how she plans to use this experience in her international work.

Long Term Care - Terri Lyle
In a time when Long Term Care Facilities are often declaring bankruptcy, what does it take to keep a facility profitable? What staffing challenges face LTC Facilities? What effect did the BBA of 1997 have on LTC?

Marketing & Communications - Pat Parker
What marketing communication issues does your org face in a highly competitive and cost-conscious environment? Is branding part of your overall marketing communications strategy? Is branding important to your organization's future? What role, if any, is the Internet playing in your marketing strategy? and future?

Medical Expert Systems - Martin Sturman
Medical Expert Systems: Decision Support for Managed Care and Patients. How far have we come?

Medicare Compliance - Mark Pastin
What issues do you have regarding Medicare Compliance programs? What impact are these programs having? How do you increase participation from employees? or Do you worry that you may be personally liable for errors in Medicare billing?

Nurse Practitioner Practice Management - Susan Cooper
How can nurse practitioners increase the efficiency of your practice? What are the billing issues specific to nurse practitioners? What information is necessary to credential nurse practitioners for provider panels? For these answers and more, ask our host.

Nursing Leadership - Colleen Conway-Welch
Are AD prepared nurses prepared for staff nurse leadership positions? Are BSN prepared nurses prepared for staff nurse leadership positions? What is missing from MSN curriculum that would better prepare them for leadership positions? Should nurses get an MBA?

Parish Nursing - Yvonne Whitfield
What is Parish Nursing? How do you start a Parish Nursing program? How does Parish Nursing interface with other healthcare disciplines? Who supports and directs Parish Nursing Programs? Where can you find additional information and resources about Parish Nursing?

Patient Rights - Mark Pastin & Geralyn Kidera
How is your organization preparing for the coming federal patient privacy regulations? How confident are you in your current patient privacy policies and practices? Have you considered the potential for electronic communication privacy failures and proceeded with practical safeguards?

Physician Practice Management - Tom Cook
What operational issues do you face? What improvements can be made is areas such as billing, collections, coding, documentation, credentialling, and physician compensation plans? Ask our host.

Preventing Burnout in Nursing - Bredenberg & Manion
What are you “tolerating” at work? What’s driving good nurses from the profession? What’s your gut reaction to your work?

The Power of Community - Tim Choate
Online communities represent the next generation of web sites. Used effectively, these communities deliver value to their membership by delivering targeted content, communications with like-minded members, and meaningful commerce opportunities.

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